snacks Sticky

Requirement Based Customisation

Size variation based on usage requirement.

Ambient temperature and cooling options available.

Zero Contact Dispensing

Your health and safety is our priority.

App based dispensing options.

Payment Options

Compatible with all popular payment gateways.

Flexible, integrated payment modules based on requirements.

Machine Management

Easily monitor machine health.

Integrated end-to-end management with timely alerts.

Exceptionally Convenient

Multiple product dispensation in a single transaction.

24x7 accessibility.

Snacks on Demand

Customised snack vending with a fully integrated
system for optimised convenience.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing

IoT Integration

Convenient Management

Premium Quality Products

Accessible 24x7

Let’s brew for you.

Our team will guide you through the Chai Point range of vending machine offerings.

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